Make Money Fast – Online and Offline

At some point, perhaps the question arises in everyday life: How can I quickly and easily earn money with a part-time job? Which activities can I expand to achieve good secondary income in the longer term?

With the digitization and the proliferation of smartphones, earning money online is sometimes possible with little effort . But even without a computer and mobile phone, there are numerous ways to build a sideline.
This guide contains 36 tips on how you can earn both online and offline part-time income – fast ways and long-term opportunities.

Attention: Time-consuming side jobs require a full-time job approval from the employer. Inquire in advance if you want to build a comprehensive part-time job and / or seek out the conversation with your employer.

Make quick and easy money on the internet and in real life

Make quick and easy money on the internet and in real life

9 tips to quickly improve the budget (online)

9 tips to quickly improve the budget (online)

Get fast money? Many contemporaries consider this impossible. However, if you are flexible, you will find a niche online or in real life to quickly supplement your household budget.

1. Online surveys and participation in market research projects

One of the best ways to make money online online is by participating in online surveys . Large companies hire market research institutes to gather information about potential customers. Companies want to know how their products arrive. To address the largest possible pool of consumers, these surveys are conducted on market and opinion research platforms. For these valuable data, companies sometimes pay up to 15 euros per survey. Depending on the platform, the amount earned will be transferred to the account or paid out in the form of a voucher. If you want to get money quickly , register on one or more websites and create a profile for free.

The time spent per online survey is between five and thirty minutes in most cases. As a rule, a minimum age of 18 years is required.

Danger Serious survey websites do not charge high fees for registering on their platform. Most market research providers offer a free registration.

This is needed: smartphone, tablet or laptop
That can be earned: Up to 15 euros per survey
Positive: The surveys can be done well in between. Registration on multiple portals is recommended to avoid idle. The vouchers are ideal for little extras.
Negative: quickly come to a lot of money is not possible, it is more about pocket money amounts.

 To quickly get money, many contemporaries consider that impossible. However, if you are flexible, you will find a niche online or in real life to supplement your household budget.

2. Fast money as an app jobber / Microjober

2. Fast money as an app jobber / Microjober

For example, companies would like to know how their products are presented in the stationary retail sector or how the current opening hours of shops are ordered. As proof, photos are sent via the app. If you’re in the city right now, you have such a flexible way of getting money fast. One of the basic ideas is to use waiting times in restaurants, bars, supermarkets or in the train in a meaningful way. If a task is fulfilled, then the current environment can be searched for further suitable tasks. Depending on the amount of time and effort, app jobbers can earn one or more euros per task. If a certain amount is reached, microjobber will then either transfer the money to the account or via Paypal.

This is needed: Smartphone
That can be earned: one to ten euros per task
Positive: Depending on the order situation, up to ten euros per job are possible.
Negative: Some orders have to be done very quickly, which is cumbersome if the day is already planned.

3. For creatives: write texts

3. For creatives: write texts

If you find it easy to write, there are many ways to make money online. As a freelance author, you can offer your writing skills on numerous platforms. The order range extends from simple blog posts to complex guidebook articles. Depending on the ability and length of the texts, the work will be remunerated accordingly. In many cases, payment is made per word directly after acceptance of the article.

This is needed: laptop, affinity for writing
That can be earned: 20 to 100 euros per article
Positive: The individual orders can be selected according to the time budget. There is little acquisition effort.
Negative: The payment of paperwork often does not correspond to the fee as a freelancer.

4. Correct texts

If you have a good sense of spelling and grammar, you can earn money as a proofreader on the Internet. To ensure the quality of their texts, companies and publishers offer a remuneration of 0.5 to 1 cent per word. This results in an hourly wage of about 20 euros for proofreaders. This activity needs a good concentration to deliver a flawless job over a longer period of time. Most of the time the attention lingers for a few hours, so that a perfect proofreading can no longer be guaranteed.

This is needed: laptop, very good spelling and grammar skills
That can be earned: about 20 euros per hour
Positive: Flexible order acceptance and time allocation
Negative: The competition from professional proofreaders is relatively high.

5. Sell used online

5. Sell used online

Online purchases are particularly suitable for unused books, DVD’s or console and PC games. For the sorted treasures a fixed price is offered. About flea market apps and classified ads on the Internet can be particularly good at selling clothes and shoes. You set the desired price and negotiate with a prospective buyer if necessary. On auction portals, however, only the starting price can be set.

This is needed: smartphone, tablet or laptop
This can be earned: depending on the quality and condition of the item
Positive: Certain things like bicycles, but also furniture and baby equipment can quickly find buyers.
Negative: Not every offer meets with resonance. The more hired, the higher the chance of takers.

6. Making money online as a website tester (usability tests)

6. Making money online as a website tester (usability tests)

For Internetaffine people , a side job as a tester of websites is . New software and websites are sprouting up every day. To examine these for their user-friendliness and possible sources of error, the operators get the opinion of test communities. This should eliminate errors and improve the quality of the software. Website testers click through the user interface and examine them for discrepancies, functionality of the links and other bugs. They check the operability and the way to get to the desired info.

This is needed: smartphone, tablet or laptop
That can be earned: up to 15 euros per hour, a test takes about 60 minutes
Positive: If you enjoy surfing the Internet, these tasks are sure to go quickly. There is a bonus for errors found!
Negative: The merit is rather low.

7. Test online games

A job as a game tester sounds like the dream of a teenager. But actually it is possible to earn money playing online games. New games for smartphones or PCs are developed regularly. Before the production companies go to market with their new games, they must be tested for errors and user-friendliness.
• Where are the little bugs still hiding?
• What is the gameplay?
• Does the game really interest the gamer?
These and more aspects need to be reviewed before the new release can go into mass production. The game tester reveals minor flaws and logic errors, searches for bugs and weaknesses and keeps track of his experiences. To earn money by testing games, you have to spend a lot of time and affinity with the medium.

This is needed: laptop, smartphone
That can be earned: About 8 euros per hour
Positive: Enjoyment can be used.
Negative: a lot of games to get a good income.

8. Accept micro jobs – do small services on the net

In microjobs, various small jobs are possible: data collection, research, transcripts, creation of graphics up to the creation of SEO texts. After registration, orders can be accepted from a pool.

This is needed: laptop, smartphone
That can be earned: about 10 euros per hour, up to 20 euros depending on the level of difficulty
Positive: Serious pool for home work, transparent system. Those who stay tuned can be one
Generate regular extra income.
Negative: To get to the stated ten euros per hour, it requires work at the speed of light.
In most cases, practice tests are performed before a paid job follows.

9. Become a product tester

Although you can not earn money as a product tester in the true sense, but it is a practical way to get coveted goods and products. The idea: Before the big market launch, companies want to put their new products to the acid test. Who is better suited for this than the future clientele? Interested parties can apply for tenders of the companies and then get the agreed products sent. These can be sweets, drinks, a new cosmetics line or technical devices such as lawn mowers and grills. The product tester examines the product in terms of appearance, suitability, application and some other criteria and writes a detailed test report. As a thank you the product tester may keep the goods in the connection.

This is needed : smartphone, tablet or laptop
That can be earned: products as payment
Positive: coveted objects can land with luck in their own household.
Negative: Critical reviews may not be liked.

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