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With Fast Credit you can find the cheap loan with instant confirmation in four simple steps – free, without obligation and tailored exactly to your needs!

Step 1 – Loan amount and term

Step 1 - Loan amount and term

Indicate in which amount you want to apply for an instant loan online and for which credit period you have decided. About Fast Credit you get cheap instant loans between 1,000 and 120,000 euros with contract periods between 12 and 144 months.

Note: The repayment term sets the amount of monthly loan installments . The longer the term, the lower the monthly installments. Play multiple variations with the instant loan comparison calculator to really find the top bid. This will give you the lowest interest rates and you can immediately take out a loan that suits you.

If possible, you should also opt for an offer with earmarking, for example, for a car loan (this is the car loan comparison), when it comes to car financing, since the banks here offer significantly lower interest rates than loans without earmarking.

Step 2 – Your data

Enter your contact details here and confirm the terms and conditions and privacy policy of Fast Credit. All data is transmitted over a secure and stable SSL connection and is used exclusively for credit comparison or application.

Step 3 – Your income and expenses

In the third step you create a small budget account with your income and expenses. This listing will help you and the lending bank assess your personal financial position so that you only have those instant loans that you can really afford.

When entering the rental amount, please make sure to specify exactly the amount that you actually transfer. Even if, for example, you take over the payments for other people living in the household. If you receive their share again by bank transfer, you can proof this with bank statements.

In the third step of the comparison calculator, you specify your employer, who, however, never hears about your loan application. Here it is only necessary to match the information with the salary statements.

The details of the third step are also used exclusively for the loan application and are subject to the strict privacy policies of Fast Credit and banking secrecy.

Your personal instant loan offers

Your personal instant loan offers

Finally, you can opt for a credit insurance to secure the desired loan with online instant pledge against, for example, unemployment or disability.

Here you also enter the details of the account to which the instant loan is to be transferred. This is also important because the bank checks whether you actually have an account in Germany, which is a prerequisite for the granting of a loan.

If you have sent this information, you will receive within 60 seconds tailored to you personal instant loan offers that you can apply immediately!

As with any other Fast Credit offer, you will, of course, see the payout probability on the instant loan for each offer, which is calculated using the acceptance criteria of each bank and matched against your details. If this is 100 percent, you can count on the money!

The instant annuities you see are ranked by effective interest rates, so you can see the cheapest deal at a glance. The APR includes not only the borrowing rate (which indicates the amount of borrowing costs, previously referred to as the nominal rate), but also any additional charges and any final installment. Thus, a comparison of instant loans is possible, which consist of different cost factors.

Apply for a loan: An overview of the most frequently asked questions about instant loans

How can I apply for the loan online?

Applying for instant loan is very easy. Through Fast Credit, consumers can search online for matching instant loan offers with no obligation and no hassle, making it easy to find a top credit. For this the following steps have to be taken:

  1. Complete the online loan application
  2. You receive your personal credit offers
  3. You choose the cheap loan with the highest payout probability
  4. Upload your credit documents online and carry out an identification via video chat
  5. The lending bank checks their documents and pays the money directly or at the latest within 48 hours

Is it possible to apply for an online loan without income?

With Fast Credit it is not possible to apply for a loan without any income. Regular income is an important credit requirement. Depending on the loan amount requested and the requirements of the lending bank, a different level of income must be demonstrated. From a monthly minimum income of 1000 euros, consumers usually have a good chance of a small loan. Unfortunately, social benefits such as unemployment benefit, Hartz IV or BAföG do not count as income.

Apply for credit despite Credit Score possible?

In principle it is possible to apply for Fast Credit despite Credit Score, so despite moderate creditworthiness, an online loan. If the bank determines that there is a higher risk of default when checking the creditworthiness, this does not necessarily prevent the granting of a loan. However, banks often adjust the terms of the loan agreement accordingly. But if lending fails, then taking out a loan from home – called Fast Credit credit privilege – is another option.

Receive offers – secure instant personal loan quickly

Receive offers - secure instant personal loan quickly

If you want to apply for a quick loan, first submit the required documents, for example online via the practical document upload . This online feature is available to all users who have created a free Fast Credit account. Alternatively, the documents can also be submitted by post.

In general, the same documentation is required from the banks when you request an instant loan online through Fast Credit:

  • Bank statements with salary received (eg for employees and trainees)
  • Copy of employment contract (for employees)
  • payslips
  • Tax assessments (for example self-employed and other persons who can not prove their income through salary statements)
  • BWA – Business evaluation (for self-employed persons)

In a second step, you confirm your identity and the details of the instant loan application. The quickest way to do this is, for example, the Video Interview procedure or the Post Interview procedure .

Video Interview procedure : Confirm the details of your requested loan immediately and without delay directly on the computer with a video call. In addition to your documents, you only need a webcam and a stable and fast internet connection. During the call, the employee will ask you, among other things, to keep your identification documents in the camera for identification purposes. After the video call, you will receive a TAN via e-mail or SMS that you only need to enter into an online form to complete the process.

Post Interview procedure : Confirm your personal data and the information provided on the online instant loan you have requested by passing the documents to a nearby post office. Here, a postal worker checks to see if all the information is correct and all documents are present and immediately sends a confirmation to the bank.

In both cases, after the submission and the identification, the bank only checks the information provided so that the instant loan is promptly instructed. Fast Credit, with the online application for instant loan settlement described above, is therefore undertaking a pre-trial review that will significantly speed up the process while ensuring that the rejection rate is low – an advantage for both you and the banks.

Fast Credit is one of the pioneers in the German market in establishing and using these two methods, Video Interview and Post Interview, and is always adding more banks to these systems. Thus, with more and more instant loans from Fast Credit it is possible to use this quick and easy way of identification, which leads to a particularly short processing time.

You can speed up a quick payout by using the full online loan application process. Just upload your documents, which you have previously photographed or scanned with your smartphone, from the comfort of your own home with the document upload. You can also submit your signature for the credit agreement digitally using a TAN procedure. So nothing stands in the way of a quick credit decision and you will quickly get your immediate loan disbursed – usually under 24 hours.

Of course, you have a right of withdrawal for all instant loans you receive through Fast Credit, which is usually 14 days. If the sum has already been credited to your account, it is advisable to remit the amount immediately in the event of a withdrawal from the loan.

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